The FREE floral workshop to promote the launch of the White Glove Floral Donations nonprofit is coming up on Sunday, October 21st.  If you’re local to the Tri-Cities, WA area join Alexandra Roselee Hatcher in this no-fee event, sponsored in part by Risa, and the White Glove Weddings Bridal Bar  to learn about what WG Floral Donations does for the community at large. There is no obligation, and every attendee will leave with their own beautifully hand-crafted, one of a kind arrangement.

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WGW is in the beginning stages of filing White Glove Floral Donations 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. WG Floral Donations repurposes donated floral arrangements from weddings and other events. The repurposed flowers will be provided to residents and patients of nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and other medical facilities and will be used for the purpose of floral therapy and group therapy. WGW can’t do it alone; we need you!

The beauty of WG Floral Donations is that it provides an opportunity for arrangements that would otherwise go to waste to be enjoyed all over again. Residents and patients undergoing medical care and treatment can utilize the donated bouquets to brighten their living spaces or enjoy them as part of an enriching group therapy activity.

The valuable role that floral therapy plays in the lives of patients and the elderly is increasingly recognized by gerontologists and care specialists. Therefore, in addition to floral donations, we will also offer floral design instruction to further enhance the recreational and therapeutic aspects of the experience. It is our hope the donations and associated design activities will have a positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of those it touches.

Currently, Chaplaincy hospice care, Royal Columbian senior living community and Desert Wind Gardens adult family home will be participating in the program. They will use their ambulance services for picking up and delivering flowers to their respective facilities. The florists who make up the board of directors will hold floral classes to instruct staff of these locations and equipped them with the skills necessary to institute WG Floral Donations into their programs and activities. WG Floral Donations will also supply all participating locations with the tools necessary such as vases, floral shears, floral foam etc.

After our filings are complete, individuals who donate to the WG Floral Donations will receive a letter/receipt for the dollar amount of floral donated in which the donor can use as tax credit.

To learn more or to support this effort from afar please click here.


Past Events:
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The first ever Rise workshop for women was held in September2018 at Tagaris Winery in Richland, WA and was generously been sponsored by Taylored Living Magazine.  This day-long interactive workshop featured journaling, yoga, and painting activity sessions, interwoven with discussion sessions lead by Rise collaborators focusing on finding strength and courage in times of adversity through cultivating your passion and tapping into the power that comes from women supporting each other through these meaningful experiences.



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