Becky Benson, Author, Rise Founder


Becky Benson is the author of Three Short Years: Life Lessons in the Death of My Child, and runs the Three Short Years blog.  Becky has a degree in psychology and works for the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association.  Becky founded Rise as a way to cultivate a strong sense of community between women who aim to encourage, strengthen and empower their peers.



Sherri Thies, Artist, Collaborator


Sherri Thies has degrees in graphic design, studio art, and art education.  She teaches at Ferris Highschool in Spokane, WA.  Her art can be seen on her online gallery and as a member of the Spokane Watercolor Society and is influenced by her travels through Europe and the Yucatan.



Mary Taylor, Magazine Editor, Collaborator


Mary Taylor is a former Law Enforcement Officer turned magazine entrepreneur. Mary is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of  Taylored Living Magazine, a life, style and community publication which debuted in the spring of 2017.




Lynette 2018

Lynette Johnson, Photographer, Collaborator


Lynette Johnson is an artist and photographer ( She is the founder of the non-profit organization Soulumination.  Serving families with life threatening illnesses Lynette and the team at Soulumination provide free portraits through their Angel Babies and Adult Legacy programs.






Brie diFelici, Yoga Instructor, Collaborator

Brie diFelici is a certified E200hr RYT seasoned practitioner who found her love of yoga at a young age.  What began as a physical practice has blossomed into a true life passion for her.  Along with helping ease her clinical depression, yoga has taught Brie how to truly accept and love herself; while also teaching her how to tap into her own strength and persevere.  She has chosen to live as compassionately and ethically as she can through veganism.  In her journey to veganism she has discovered how to have a healthy relationship with food, and to treat her Chron’s disease naturally with fruits and vegetables; which has allowed her to come off of the harsh medications she had been on for years.  Brie is determined to share this natural healing tradition of yoga and plant based eating with others.  In her spare time she enjoys adventuring with her partner, Matt, and their five-year-old pitbull, Aragon.




Claudia Jackson, President, Bo Kirk Memorial Scholarship


Claudia Jackson, President, Bo Kirk Memorial Scholarship Fund, Collaborator

Fund has taken a life altering event; the unfortunate and untimely loss of her brother due to a random act of violence, and channeled her grief into action by creating this fund in his memory in order to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth in their hometown.  A lifelong survivor, having courageously risen above multiple traumatic experiences, both throughout her childhood, and adulthood, Claudia’s mission is to seek out positivity, inspire perseverance, and be the change to promote goodness in the world around her.