Becky Benson, Author, Rise Founder

Becky Benson is the author of Three Short Years: Life Lessons in the Death of My Child, and runs the Three Short Years blog. Her work has appeared on Modern Loss, Modern Mom, The Manifest Station, Brain.Child, and in the pages of Taylored Living Magazine.  She has both written and spoken for the Center for Jewish Genetics in Chicago, and Soulumination in Seattle.  Becky has a degree in psychology and works for the National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association serving families of terminally ill children as the organization’s conference coordinator. Becky founded Rise as a way to cultivate a strong sense of community between women who aim to encourage, strengthen and empower their peers while continually striving to learn, grow, and attain their own goals.



Jamie Kincaid, Photographer, Collaborator

Jamie Kincaid is a local Tri-Cities resident and photographer.  Find her on Instagram, @jkphotoswa.  Jamie enjoys capturing real moments for real people and finding beauty in the little things.  Through her work Jamie is experienced with wedding and branding photography both indoor and outdoor.  Her whole goal is to “make you feel gorgeous”!  For more on Jamie’s work, check out her blog,




Reka HS

Reka Robinson, Radio Personality, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Collaborator

I have been in radio for 13+ years. Radio has given my life a unique platform to teach me a great deal about the importance of the connections you have with people, and I will forever be in its (radio) debt. So, radio is probably the reason why you know me. I’ve been the constant host of the morning show on Power 99.1 called the Just me Reka Show. Being a woman in radio, with my name stamped so heavily on a radio show, is kind of a big deal. Unfortunately, you won’t find many women leading morning shows when it comes to radio. Shocked? If you’re a woman reading this, I’m sure you’re not. I’m happy to be one of the first!

Now, let’s add life coaching and motivational speaking to my title. I’m on a mission to be a light for women; To encourage; To be a positive example; To share my story, and to show my strength despite my weaknesses; To allow God to use me. I began to share my trials and tribulations about my journey in life in 2017. I put my shame and embarrassment aside in order to encourage women. I became vulnerable. What I have found is that there is always someone who has gone through what you’ve gone through and if you know that, you will feel less alone in this world. Loneliness is really about lack of connection and inspiration. The more I share my story the more I see that I can be a bridge to that connection!

You will often hear me say that, ‘singleness is not a punishment’, and honestly, it can be your greatest asset! I truly believe this, and I want all women to know that you are enough, you are worthy and you have a purpose regardless of your relationship status. All women should know that self-awareness is your superpower and the key to true happiness. I’m happy to be a guide for women in helping them connect the dots to finding out who they really are and creating the life they want. It’s about your goals, getting them on paper and putting action to them to create your best life. Sometimes you need a coach for that. Hi, I’m Reka, your coach! IG @justmereka and


Felicia Follum has been teaching Art and Languages for 7 years. While finishing her


Felicia Follum, Artist, Collaborator

degrees she began teaching Art and other classes to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as private in home lessons to children. Shortly after she took an art class in India and ever since her art has been deeply influenced by both her faith, her travels and the diversity she finds anywhere she goes. Felicia currently teaches an annual children’s class at allied arts titled “Cultural Art From Around The World” and ESL at the Family Learning Center in Kennewick to refugees and ESL online to children in China. She also enjoys studying languages, the outdoors, and regularly hosting international dinners.



Heidi Sawyer, Life Coach, Collaborator

Heidi Sawyer is a Mindset and Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Community Organizer, and Certified Q Process™ Facilitator.  Heidi’s mission is to provide women the tools and guidance to confidently and authentically step into their own unique power and purpose so they can start living life on their terms. She is the founder of the Bliss Babes Collective, a group in Spokane, WA with a mission of providing women the opportunities to meet and join in a tribe with other women online and in person by providing fun, growth, and connection focused events and discussion.  Connect with Heidi via Instagram at @heidisawyer101.  Coaching:




Past Rise Collaborators


Sherri Thies, Artist


Sherri Thies has degrees in graphic design, studio art, and art education.  She teaches at Ferris Highschool in Spokane, WA.  Her art can be seen on her online gallery and as a member of the Spokane Watercolor Society and is influenced by her travels through Europe and the Yucatan.



Mary Taylor, Magazine Editor


Mary Taylor is a former Law Enforcement Officer turned magazine entrepreneur. Mary is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of  Taylored Living Magazine, a life, style and community publication which debuted in the spring of 2017.




Lynette 2018

Lynette Johnson, Photographer


Lynette Johnson is an artist and photographer ( She is the founder of the non-profit organization Soulumination.  Serving families with life threatening illnesses Lynette and the team at Soulumination provide free portraits through their Angel Babies and Adult Legacy programs.






Brie diFelici, Yoga Instructor

Brie diFelici is a certified E200hr RYT seasoned practitioner who found her love of yoga at a young age.  What began as a physical practice has blossomed into a true life passion for her.  Along with helping ease her clinical depression, yoga has taught Brie how to truly accept and love herself; while also teaching her how to tap into her own strength and persevere.  She has chosen to live as compassionately and ethically as she can through veganism.  In her journey to veganism she has discovered how to have a healthy relationship with food, and to treat her Chron’s disease naturally with fruits and vegetables; which has allowed her to come off of the harsh medications she had been on for years.  Brie is determined to share this natural healing tradition of yoga and plant based eating with others.  In her spare time she enjoys adventuring with her partner, Matt, and their five-year-old pitbull, Aragon.


Claudia Jackson, President, Bo Kirk Memorial Scholarship


Claudia Jackson, President, Bo Kirk Memorial Scholarship Fund

Fund has taken a life altering event; the unfortunate and untimely loss of her brother due to a random act of violence, and channeled her grief into action by creating this fund in his memory in order to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth in their hometown.  A lifelong survivor, having courageously risen above multiple traumatic experiences, both throughout her childhood, and adulthood, Claudia’s mission is to seek out positivity, inspire perseverance, and be the change to promote goodness in the world around her.