Welcome! Thanks for joining us here at the Rise Community. As the founder of Rise I wanted to share with you a bit about the driving force in my decision to form this community; specifically for women.

Rise is a collective community of women dedicated to promoting encouragement, strength, and empowerment to all women as a means of support in order to help each and every one of us be successful, both personally and professionally, in order to reach our goals and conquer the obstacles set before us.

We want to know what a strong, supportive community means to you.  Contact us to tell us more about what you’d like to see, and the events, activities, and projects you’re interested in.

I believe that we all encounter obstacles to overcome in life, and one thing I’ve learned on my journey is that we rarely overcome them alone. Fears, failures, mistakes, and stumbling blocks are a reality for every single human being at all points along their life’s journey; but we’re not beholden to them. Rise is dedicated to creating and strengthening the bonds between women to serve as a form of empowerment in order to tackle those obstacles head on. Here at Rise we simply wish to share our experiences, nurture these connections, and move mountains, together; in short – to

Be the strong women we want our daughters to look up to,

and be them for each other

Through blogs (write for us!), connections, posts and public events and activities, Rise pairs women with a community of their peers in a safe and nurturing environment to help support each other through times of trial, encourage inspiration, and to facilitate the accomplishing of one’s personal goals.

The team collaborators have been hand selected as a group of extraordinary women who all share one major theme in common: they’ve found success and solace, whether personally or professionally though the solidifying trials that have shaped them into the fiercely determined women they are today.

Join the community, and grow with us, as together, we Rise.



Becky Benson, Rise Founder